Everyone thought it was a crazy idea, but in 2009, I bought a tanning salon in Uptown Kingston and turned it into a restaurant. It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to open or run a restaurant, but that the street was so desolate and the building was a mess. By June 4, 2010, Boitson’s opened and took off faster than I ever imagined. It was exactly the restaurant I wanted, dark, inviting and full of laughter. For the next 10 years, Boitson’s continued to do what I asked it to… provide a place for my community to gather to eat and drink, while providing a solid living for myself and my staff. Then March of 2020 came and changed everything for everyone. Boitson’s and I adapted as best we could, opening and closing, adjusting hours and menus, changing formats, addressing labor shortages, rising food and labor costs, supply chain issues, increased irritability… it was a constant state of flux. After spending a lot (A LOT) of time trying to figure out what is best for me and my family, I have decided to close Boitson’s. This is by far the most difficult decision I have ever made, but it is also the most rational. I will truly miss the thousands of friends I have made at 47 N. Front St. The countless nights of stories told, meals served and drinks shared with all of you. Cold winter snow storms with guests huddled in at the bar devouring oysters, warm early summer sunsets out on the deck with cocktails and fried chicken, those evenings are forever etched in my heart. That crazy idea so many years ago turned out to be a beautiful life choice. Thank you all for making it so.